I was always fascinated by the Amiga demos. Did you not wanted to create such a masterpiece once you had a look at an Amiga demo? So did I! One demo that stood out tremendously for me was the BudBrain (BudBrain Megademo 1) demo. Sure it did not have any out of this world programming routines but what was so great about it was the concept. Besides some loose parts it had a “movie” part in there.

Image from the movie part

I remember hooking the Amiga up to my stereo system and blasting the music out of the massive speakers. Great Sunday afternoon nostalgic moments.

My favorite part of the demo, “Birdy nam nam”

The demo was released in June 1990 at the Amiga Conference 1990 party.

The BudBrain demo can be downloaded from Amiga Demoscene Archive (ADA).