It has been some years already since Mattathias Basic started. And from the looks of it we would still have to wait for some time before it is ready for end users. Previous approaches have been scrapped for new ones and the current one seems promising according to the main programmers. I can’t wait till I can get my hands on some stuff to try out.

There is the Mattathias Basic Mailing List you can subscribe to. It will be interesting to see how Mattathias will do once it is available in its full glory. I am looking at the OS4.x perspective of it. It will also be available for the classic platform but my main interest will be the OS4.x version. I will be writing about Mattathias Basic on a regular basic here from now on.

Something I like to see getting done properly and good from the start is good documentation. The other day I needed some info related to C programming and I could not find it. I had to search through several sites (not related to Amiga) and that even did not get me the so much needed info. That really has to change and that change can happen with Mattathias Basic. I am planning on writing a series of articles that will introduce Mattathias Basic to the users. Let’s hope I can start with it very soon.