My first Amos product was Amos The Creator (version 1.3). For me the manual was like the holy bible. I carried that manual with me all the time when I was in the house. Even if I did not read it I still had it with me. Today you can find all the info you want on the internet. Back in the day you did not have many sources for information. The Amiga magazine was the only source of information or a bulletin board if you had access to it. If you are stuck with a routine now you just post on the forums and you get your answer. Something you did not have back in the day.

Currently I am digging up all my Amos reading material again and boy that brings back some pleasant memories. I have some problems locating my Amos Professional manual but I am sure it is somewhere in the house. I am pretty sure it made the trip from Thailand to Holland when we moved and also the next trip when we moved from my home town to another town in Holland. If I do find it back I will make sure it goes in the easy to find back moving box when we move to (again) another town in Holland. We bought a house and the the plan is to move at the end of July or beginning of August.

The reason I am locating all the Amos reading material is that I am planning some projects related to Mattathias Basic. You will read more about this in the coming weeks here on this site. For now I will keep on carrying that book.