An evening of good old fashioned fun. That’s what I call listening to Mikey_C on AmigaWorld Radio. It has been some time since I listened to it. Last time was when I still lived in Thailand which was 2003/2004.  So when he announced a new broadcast on Monday the 7th of June I cleared my schedule for that evening. Currently I am listening to it and I am loving it. Just like the good old days. With very wrong Eighties music at certain times.

I asked Mikey_C if he would broadcast from the Vintage Computer Fair being held at Bletchley Park on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of June 2010. But it looks this is not going to happen due to the “lack” of internet. I hope they are able to get enough bandwidth to do a live show from the floor for us not being able to attend the show.

No Mikey_C show is complete without a quiz. Tonight’s quiz; what is the connection between the four songs played.  The connection was cities and I was amongst the group of people that got it correct. Well the show ended and I had a great time. What better way to fill a Monday evening. Reminding myself I should visit the Amigans and AmigaWorld chat room more often.