With the upcoming move to our new house at the end of July / beginning of August I am finding it difficult to find time to work on my projects. So much stuff to do and very little time left for my projects. If that is not enough I am also on the lookout for a new job. More pay and better conditions are the motivation for this.

I am planning to update my blog more often and on a regular basis. Since it has been already some time since the last update I thought I would do a short “general” post. I just noticed the Twitter site is not working. Not that I use it much but I always drop a Tweet if I post another article. Since I don’t have much time lately I am actually writing this article just after (early Friday morning) midnight. While I am writing it on my laptop in the bedroom my wife is typing away on the desktop machine in our computer room. How’s that for a tech couple!

Currently I am trying to figure out what my next Amiga programming project is going to be for Amiga OS4. I really want to start working on something soon. I came up with a few ideas this week but after careful consideration I placed them in the bin. I want to work on something that is small and can be done in a short time. Maybe a set of small programs would be nice. I was even thinking on writing a few tutorials on programming in C on Amiga OS4. I am having a hard time finding good tutorials and help files regarding this myself so this seems like a good idea. At least other people might have a better start in their programming adventures.