Just installed the latest version (3.29) of OWB on my AmigaOne SE with OS4 and to my surprise (and what I was hoping for) it let me login to my WordPress account. I tried it before with the previous version but once you login and try to go to your admin page it asks you to login again. Once you login again it goes straight back to that page asking you to login again. Looping forever much to my frustration. But not this time and I am actually writing this in OWB. It works very well actually. I do still have the problem that when I start closing tabs the system freezes. This could also be due to my OS4 setup. I have been playing around with the system a bit lately doing some stuff that could cause some issues. I am hoping to upgrade to OS 4.1 later this year for improvement purposes. Since I was so excited I thought I would write a short story about it. Which also gives me the chance to test everything a bit. You can download the latest version of OWB on OS4Depot.

This new update of OWB was not the only big thing today. There was also the Vintage Computer Fair at Bletchley Park that started today. It is a two day event so it is not over yet. The first videos are being uploaded to Youtube right now which I will check out later this eveninig. More stuff to make me happy.