Some weeks ago my wife and I had a good friend over for dinner. Since I always talked so much about the Amiga it was about time to show it to him. After booting up OS4 I got a “That is looking cool” reaction. After showing some programs he was impressed by the speed of it. After opening the case and show the very small cooler on the CPU and mentioning that it also can run without it I got a “Are you serious?” reaction. He asked me how much memory I had installed. I told him 128MB to which he reacted “you mean 128GB?”. After a few attempts he finally got it that it was megabyte and not gigabyte.  It was very hard for him to believe it all ran on just 128MB. Sadly I have none of my classic Amiga’s installed and running. That would have been another great show case. Once we are moved into our new house I will try to set up some classic stuff for the unexpected visitors.