At the end of July / beginning of August my wife and I started the process of moving to our new house. First going up and down between both houses and finally moving completely over to the new house. This has been an exhausting period of time and we are still far from being done. The plan is to fix everything up in the next couple of weeks. Because of all this my Amiga time has been reduced to zero. Actually my AmigaOne is still packed in a box.

The reason it is still packed in a box is because my computer room is not done yet. The new house comes with a lot of space and I manage to succeed a room for myself. The room is scheduled to be done next weekend. It is going to be wonderful to be able to set up the Amiga and start working again on my stuff. It would not be much time at first due to all the work that is left to be done but at least I will be able to do some bits and pieces.