To brush up my Amiga coding skills and to learn more (a lot more I might add) I decided to come up with a project I can use to do all that. I decided on something I wanted to do already for a long time. I am going to create a file manager like DiskMaster2. I know they already exist and even for OS4 but for me it is a learning process. DiskMaster2 was and in fact still is my favourite tool on the Amiga. I already produced some code a couple of months ago but due to me moving to a new house it was put on hold. I will blog about my progress on a regular base.

I am about to check out the code I have written so far to see at what stage I am. Not much was done. Just your basic code to open the Windows stuff.

My favorite tool DiskMaster2

I think I will keep the same layout as DiskMaster2 at first with the exception of adding a toolbar. Once it reaches the point of being a simple file manager I might add more functionality. But at first it will be a learning project for me. Let the fun begin!