The last bit I had left to do is hang up my whiteboard which is done so the coding can begin. I am using ReAction on my OS4 (final update) system and to be honest I know more about women’s clothing then ReAction. Surely there is plenty of good documentation about ReAction available? Not really. There is info but it is scattered all over the place. There are examples available but if you don’t understand how ReAction works you can stare at the code for centuries and still don’t get it. That also goes for the AutoDocs that come with the development kit. I got to know more by examine the examples and just try out things in my code to see what happens. This will get you far but you have to be a bit of a programmer already to be able to do this. Another important source of information is UtilityBase which has a lot of Q&A’s in the forums regarding ReAction. But the number one source of information for me was the “A Beginner’s Introduction to Programming With ReAction” from Jim Tubbs. You can find this on OS4Depot. It dates back from April 2007 and I would love to see some more tutorials from Jim on this.

Currently I am trying to display the contents of a drive/folder in a window. With of course the ultimate goal of being able to select files and do file manager like things to them. Like a true file manager or DiskMaster2 wannabe if you like.