I remember the first time I read about them, early nineties Amiga Magazine issue 16 page 38. In Holland at that time (eighties and nineties) Amiga Magazine was the best Dutch magazine around. The magazine came out every two months and the agony of waiting for the next issue to come out was unbearable. One memorable moment was when I went by bus on a Saturday to the next town to get the new issue when there was a snow storm going on. As a result I got stuck since no bus showed up but I had the magazine so I did not care. I had something to kill time before my dad came and picked me up. I am still reading all the issues I collected today. Talking about being fanatic.

Amiga Magazine Issue 16

Back to the main story, Team Hoi. I have lost count on how many times I read that article about them. It was about their new game called Hoi and how badly they got treated by the publishing companies trying to get it published. They instantly became my heroes. I wanted to become like them. Write software for the Amiga and become rich and famous.

Team Hoi – Ramon Braumuller, Reinier van Vliet and Metin Seven

Both Reinier and Metin also wrote various articles for Amiga Magazine. Through Metin’s articles I got to know a bit more about Team Hoi. I always loved the way Metin wrote his articles. When I write something I try to write it “Metin” style.

Amiga.nl has placed all the Amiga Magazine editions online in pdf format. You can find them, including issue 16, on http://www.amigascene.nl/modules/magazines/index.php/index.html

You can find the life story of Team Hoi on http://www.metinseven.com/article_hoisaga.htm

A big salute to my heroes, Team Hoi!