A Basic dialect programming language for Amiga OS 4.x is currently missing. If you ask if people would love to see a Amos / Blitz Basic type of programming language for OS4.x the majority would say yes. Of course I am one of them that would say yes. Here’s how I see it…

1 – OS4.x specific and NOT for several platforms
2 – Targeting (at first) OS4.x GUI

OS4.x specific and NOT for several platforms

The idea is to get this done as soon as possible and not something that is coming out (even in a alpha stage) after several years. Although even if it is OS4.x specific it would still take a significant amount of time to get it done.

Targeting (at first) OS4.x GUI

Not ditching on other parts but being able to create OS4.x GUI programs should have first priority. Trying to create an all-round Basic program would delay it. The other parts can be added later. With the OS4.x GUI part you already got something good and it will have something Amos did not have.

More on this subject will follow.