No I am not looking for Johnny Five from Short Circuit but an Amiga demo that had the number 5 as file name. I was checking a floppy disc and I found this file called 5 and once I executed it I was presented with a Amiga demo. From what I remember the programmer used the alias “jas” and he had digitized a picture of his (at least that is what he wanted you to believe) Mercedes which played a prominent role in the demo. The other bit I remember is (from the scrolling text) that he had some help from someone else to put this demo together. That is not much info to be able to find this demo.

I always believed this demo was stored on a disc I had with the game FruitMania from Courbios Software from Holland. But just now when I was writing this I was thinking it could actually be stored on another disc. I seem to have misplaced the FruitMania disc since it is no longer in my collection. Since I had to be sure I transferred the ADF file of the disc to my Amiga 1200 so I could write it back to a disc. I managed to get it started but since there is no way to abort it or get to the CLI I can say for sure that this disc never contained the demo. I clearly remember that when I used the disc I was able to get to the CLI and find the demo. At least I got some pleasure in transferring files to my Amiga 1200 using a 720KB floppy. You also have to split the ADF file since it does not (880KB) fit on a 720KB floppy and once you have them on the Amiga you need to join them again. That certainly brings back some memories.

The reason I believed it was on another disc is that when I was searching for the FruitMania disc I came across another disc that was labelled “Escape Club Disc”. It suddenly struck me it most likely would be on that disc. Of course that disc had some errors so I was unable to start from it or even access it from the Workbench. Time to bring in DiskSalv 2 (Revision 11.32) from Dave Haynie which is available on Aminet. After running the salvage option there was no trace of my demo after carefully checking all the files. That would mean the demo was stored on another disc and not these two. Time to do some searching on boxing day. At least till the food is ready or the booze kicks in. If anyone remembers this demo please let me know. The search continues….