I was hoping to publish this last evening but I was exhausted. After dinner I enjoyed a rather nice sleep on the couch. So Saturday evening it is instead of Friday evening. At least there is internet access this evening. Not a very productive week for me regarding my Amiga work. My plan of actually getting to write some code for Redhouse basic fell to pieces. I think I will schedule some time this coming week to actually get some work done it. What I am looking for is a Remote Desktop server app for OS4 so I can use my Windows 7 laptop to take over my A1SE. I don’t even know if this exists. I do remember reading about something like this before. On my Windows machines I use TightVNC so I can access my desktop machine from my laptop.

I had a bit of a look at some new released Amiga software this week. One that caught my attention was the release of a new version of PortablE (recreation of the AmigaE programming language) aimed at beginners & those new to the E language. I never tried PortablE before but I certainly will give this version a try. Just today a beta version of DigiBooster 3 was released. That will also go on my to try list. Not on the software but hardware front there was the news of the SAM460ex Motherboard with AmigaOS 4.1 OEM included being in stock at Amigakit. What shocked me was the price of the board which was a whopping €915.54. Maybe it is just me but I was always assuming the SAM’s had a “cheap” price tag to it. And with cheap I mean a couple of hundred Euro’s. Maybe this was the case with the older boards? Or maybe I was just completely wrong with thinking about them being “cheap”. I am also curious what the X1000 will retail for once it is available. I don’t recall if the beta testers already got their boards but I am almost sure not yet. I would have signed up for the beta tester program but I simply don’t have the cash for it. That I already have the A1SE that runs OS4 plays a part in it as well.

Well that’s all for now. Time to take the dog out for a walk with the missus and after that catch up with last two episodes of Supernatural. I might have a pint or two as well.