This issue was included in my Amos The Creator 1.3 package. I just spotted it when I was going through some Amos memorabilia to get some inspiration for Redhouse Basic. At the time of Amos you would get your info through magazines or you would become a member of one of the Amos clubs available. At the time I was a member of the Dutch Amos club. And of course you had the Amos disc magazines which had valuable information.

One of the topics in the newsletter is the first commercial Amos game called Cartoon Capers. I have to admit I never played this. Another interesting topic was the 10-Liner competitions where you have to write a program in Amos in 10 lines. Stunning stuff was created this way to great amazement of many people. Another topic was “First steps” teaching you some simple basic things. The newsletter ends with “20 things you didn’t know about AMOS and its creator” which teaches you some nice to know facts about Amos and Francois Lionet. Just going through it and the other memorabilia brings back some fond memories. And gives me a bit of a boost to get active with Redhouse Basic.