Sadly I did not do a column last Friday. I was working on something but after some careful consideration I decided to release that as a separate article. Hopefully I will finish it this weekend.  After a rather long week I am exhausted and about to pass out on the couch but a nice glass of  red wine will keep me going just long enough to finish my column. I still need to give PortablE a try and since there are some great examples to try I certainly will give it a try this weekend. One of the examples is a Shadow of the Beast scroller. Do I need to say more?

I was thinking how many Amiga Magazines are still being produced. If I am correct there is just one left, Amiga Future. A German Amiga Magazine which also comes in an English version. Somehow I have misplaced my magazine that was released years ago. Only one edition was released which was called a preview edition. It must be in one of the boxes containing all my Amiga Magazines. We moved three times already so let’s hope it made the trip each time. It could also be that it is still in Thailand and I never brought it with me when we moved to Holland. If so I can have a look for it in April since we will be going to Thailand for a holiday. That will be all….