I got to admit it is a touchy submit… for some. The OS4 and MorphOS debate. I was going to write a bit about MorphOS and while browsing for some info I came across a forum post from someone asking if MorphOS could be ported to the X1000. Trevor Dickinson did say he would not mind seeing MorphOS being ported to the X1000. First reaction I saw on that post was that the MorhpOS team said that this would never happen. I am not going to get into these debates but instead just talk about the OS itself. The last week or so I got this feeling of wanting to use MorphOS. Maybe it is the tweets I get from MorphOS users that get me excited about it. It is a shame I don’t have the hardware to run it. MorphOS port to the A1SE anyone? 🙂 Actually I was using MorphOS before I started working with OS4. I loved it and it was impressive. For sure I want to start using MorphOS again in the future. Best scenario would be a dual-boot system that will allow me to run OS4 and MorphOS. When pigs will fly but still a nice thought.