What I love about the Amiga 600 and 1200 is the keyboard. I just love the feel of the keys and the sound it makes when typing and of course that lovely clicking sound. It just feels so much better typing on such a keyboard compared to the modern keyboards.

Amiga 1200 Keyboard

For my A1SE I use a Olivetti (ANK 27-101 N) keyboard. I really like the feel of the keys when typing.

Olivetti Keyboard

I wonder if there are external keyboards that have the look and the feel of the Amiga 600 / 1200 keyboard. Besides this I also love the feel of the C64 keyboard. Maybe something like that (external version) also exists.

A-EON released a news statement this week regarding the revision 2 Nemo board. They had some problems getting certain parts which delayed the production plan by about 4 weeks. If I had the cash I would have signed up for the beta program. I am thinking about moving up to Amiga Os4.1 later this year. I should compare the 4.1 release with the 4.0 release to get a nice overview of the improvements and enhancements. One plus of running OS4.1 is that I can try out CodeBench. My plan is to play some games on my Amiga 1200 this weekend. I just hope some of the floppy disks still work. Not all of them survived the years of lying dormant. Since I also replaced the hard drive some time ago I might install Amos on it. All that will bring back some nice memories. Certainly time well spent if you ask me.