Last week was a no-show with the column. Not posted on Friday (that is the idea) but instead on Saturday at least this week there is a Bucket Weekly. Mostly on Friday’s I am knackered after a week of getting up really early to go to work. But there is a bit of hope since there is only one more week of work left for me before my one month holiday will start. Destination is Thailand and it will be our first return after about 6 years after we moved from it to start living in Holland. I can’t wait to go back and have a great time.

What would be my top 10 favourite Amiga games? That is a question that is on my mind for some time already. I have come to the conclusion it would be impossible for me to make a permanent list. Why? Because I would keep moving games up or down, remove some or even add new ones. I could for example rank Run the Gauntlet at place 7 only to take it from the list a month later. For example I played Pirates mostly in the winter so if I make my list in the summer it might not even make it while if I make the list in the winter it would rank on a high place. My idea is to make a live list that could change overtime based on certain factors. It even could start as a top 10 list changing to even a top 25 or 50 list. Another plan is to write some game reviews with the games getting scores on specific factors. It certainly will be a nice trip down memory lane doing all that stuff.

As a treat I got some nice pictures from my Devpac 3 package which is in mint condition. It has the user manual which is in a perfect condition and the same goes for the pocket programming guide. It also has the HiSoft disk wallet with the four disks which I think I only took out once to make a backup. I never did any important programming with Devpac 3 but I gained a lot of knowledge getting into assembler programming. I am trying to remember what I paid for it but I can’t remember exactly. It was for sure above the 200 Dutch guilders which was a lot of money at that time. Besides Amos and Devpac I really had the hots for Lattice C but the price (several hundreds of Dutch guilders) was just too much for me at that time. Anyway feast your eyes on Devpac 3 mania….

Devpac 3 Box Front

Devpac 3 Box Back

Devpac 3 Box Inside

Devpac 3 Pocket Programming Guide

Devpac 3 Disk Wallet Front

Devpac 3 Disk Wallet Inside

Devpac 3 Disk Wallet Back

Devpac 3 Manual Front

Devpac 3 Manual Inside