It has been ages since I worked on my DiskMaster 2 wannabe. No time at all and in between I foolishly decided to start working on Redhouse Basic. The idea behind the file manager program was to get a better understanding about ReAction. The last thing I was working on was trying to display the contents of a drive/folder in a window. I really got stuck at that part. I went through a lot of documentation and tries only to end up with crashing my program. I did get the Window with the slider but I just need to get the contents of a drive/folder displayed in there. I think I will take a different approach at this. Instead of going for the contents of a drive/folder being displayed I will try to get some lines of text displayed in the Window. Once that works I have a better understanding of it and I can move on to the drive/folder contents. I am just looking at that last post I made about this and I see it is from 31-2010. Good grief we are already several months further. Time really flies.