The flight took a good eleven hours but we arrived at our destination and now we are ready to enjoy a nice long holiday in Thailand. The part that always annoys me is when the air plane lands people have this urge to clap their hands. Like it was not suppose to land in the first place or the passengers did not have much confidence in the pilot. At least the in-flight entertainment was good. Several good films you could choose from and even Pink Floyd was in the list of music you could select. Now that will always get you extra points with me. We landed at the new airport which was a first for us. I prefer the old airport which I find to be much better. This new one just does not give me any good vibes so to speak.  We stayed at the airport a few hours before we left to our hotel.

Our ride to the hotel was my wife’s brother who drove his “Jack Bauer” car through the traffic of Bangkok to our hotel. The fun thing with such a car is, and needed, that you can push all the other cars away. Who wants to mess with such a car in the first place? On our way to the hotel we drove by our old apartment in which we lived for a year in 2003/2004. That was a nice feeling seeing the old neighbourhood again. That brought back some really nice memories. After we checked in our hotel we went to visit some old places. First up was Seacon Square a large indoor shopping mall in the Prawet District. We had some dinner and walked around the mall for some time. After that it was time to drop by 7-Eleven to pick up some beer and head back to the hotel. Tomorrow we will go to the beach which is just a few hours away from Bangkok. We will stay there a few days and after that we will go up north to stay there for the rest of the holiday. That part of the holiday is the best part and I am looking really forward to that.