After being back in Thailand for some days already I feel right at home again. Like I never left all these years ago. Yesterday I almost got a taxi back to our old apartment. I am about to look for some housing and work for a return back to Thailand. But my wife has no interest of living here again. Well at least not in Bangkok but in the country side but not right now. Also we bought a house in Holland last year so an immediate return would not be possible. And I also love our new place in Holland and the area we are living in. Holland is just a really boring country with almost nothing (a few exceptions) but boring people. Sure as a tourist coming to Holland and smoke weed for a couple of days or weeks seems like the greatest thing on earth but try living there and do your 9 to 5 routine and you will see what I mean. I good solution at first would be to travel more often to Thailand. At least once a year if not twice.

What such a holiday will do is make you rethink your current situation and future plans and adjust them for a better outcome. I get really excited about trying out some new things. And also spend more time on current projects that got sort of neglected. I will outline this somewhat further in future postings.

Today is Monday and at the end of the afternoon or the beginning of the evening I will meet my wife in Seacon Square. She is spending some time with her mother so when I had to choice to join them or catch up with my wife after they separated I choose the last option. So instead of having a nice time with them shopping I am sitting in my hotel room with a fridge full of beer. Don’t worry, I said to my wife, I will manage myself.