Today we almost hit 40 degrees Celsius. At this moment of writing it still is a good 30 degrees and that for almost 10:00pm. I moved into the room that has air-conditioning but even this machine has a problem getting the temperature under 28 degrees. Till it sorts itself out and does what we bought it for I will have to rely on some cold beer to keep me going. I am afraid tomorrow will be the same and we will have three days in a row of extreme heat. When we left Holland it was under 10 degrees Celsius and sometimes below zero during the night so is this not what we wished for when going on a holiday? It certainly is but this is a bit bordering on the extreme. One thing I did notice with this hot weather is that a cold beer tastes so much better.

The problem we have in our new location is that we don’t, well at first we did not, have any internet connection. When we lived here before we used dial-up but I don’t have a modem in the laptop and my old external USB modem did not work and besides that you can’t buy any external modems here anymore since dial-up is dead. Instead there is 3G (of course there is broadband / ADSL but I can’t take a one year subscription) which has become our choice of internet connection. Instead of a subscription you can buy pre-paid. I bought the USB dongle with 30 hours of connection and when that runs out I can buy more hours. But since are location is so remote 3G is not available so I have 2G. Soon enough the whole country will have 3G everywhere so when we come back we will have true 3G. Of course if I use the dongle in Bangkok or any other major city I will have 3G. The connection is a bit slow with 2G but I won’t complain since I have a connection with the internet and that is all I require. I remember seeing in Holland, besides the subscription ones, that they have a sort of pre-paid like 3G but instead of hours they have a date system. You get about 20MB per day or something in that order. I could not even collect my mail with a 20MB data limit. Here in Thailand things are so much better when it comes to being online and other technology. Especially when you live high up in the mountains and you can still connect online. Another plus is that the installation if it all was really easy so again extra points scored for that.

Traffic here in Thailand is like Russian roulette but instead of a gun you use a motorized vehicle. Given that fact and also that you drive on the left side of the road it is always a great pleasure to take the car on the road. Strangely enough I feel more comfortable driving here in Thailand compared to Holland. Also some driving tactics are considered normal here while I would lose my license in Holland. What you have to remember about the traffic rules here is that there are “none”. I am still enjoying my time here and I will dread the day I will have to return. But that will still be some time so there is still plenty of time to enjoy things.

** Sadly enough I could not get a connection to the phone network in the bedroom so I posted this a day later (Monday)