The first signs showed Friday and yesterday it was confirmed; I have a cold. Since I don’t want to offend both my parents I tried both their suggestions for a cold. First I tried my dad’s suggestion; a glass of whiskey. Next up was my mom’s; some hot tea with some honey in there. I still feel the same so I most likely would have to repeat those steps a few more times.

In one of my other postings I talked about having 3G so I can browse the net and collect my e-mail. Although I was really happy about it at first I now have come to the conclusion the connection is utter crap. First of all I knew the 3G would not work since we live to remote so we would use 2G. But the speed is so slow it is really unusable. At most times I can’t load any page at all. I made my peace with it since I can collect my e-mail so we can stay in touch with the home front. And I can post on my blog which does require me to keep out my anger and frustration. I look at it as a small investment for in the future. So when we are here in the future the speed will have improved and even 3G might be a possibility. According to the phone company this will happen.

I decided to write some programming articles for the Amiga which I will post here on my blog. I was planning on doing this before but I never really got around doing it. Besides this I will also write some technical articles related to the Amiga and the operating system. I just see very little information regarding programming on the Amiga. There are a few attempts but it never really continues. At first it would be programming in C on OS4. There might be some interest for this and for some people it might be that push to start programming on the Amiga.

I have not come across something like this before but I would love to see a list of blogs related to the Amiga. This can be anything from OS4, classic OS / hardware, Natami or MorphOS. Even for Twitter or Facebook pages. Maybe I will try to setup such a list myself.