If you read my blog you know about all the great “treasures” I found back in Thailand. But there is one I have not talked about so far. The biggest treasure I still have here in Thailand is my Pegasos Phreeboard. I located it on Saturday (still in mint condition) and ever since I opened the box that day I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to work with MorphOS really badly.

I left the Phreeboard back in Thailand when we moved to Holland in 2005. I was going to get it at a later stage but due to my work I had barely any time working with it. The same goes for OS4 which I have not used as much as I wanted to. But being on holiday and away from work you got time to evaluate things. I want to free up more time for OS4 and MorphOS. First I wanted to know if the latest MorphOS version works on the Phreeboard and it does. So the question arises should I take the board back home to Holland? I would have to purchase some additional items like a case, graphics card, memory and a hard drive. But at least I would have it in Holland at first. The problem is that we are already fully packed so there is not really any room for it. If it goes something needs to be sacrificed. I think this is going to be a last minute decision tomorrow when we are going to pack the bags. At first we planned on going back by train (12 hours) to Bangkok on Tuesday evening and although we called to check if there was place on the train which was confirmed we got a big NO when we arrived at the station on Sunday to book them. We should have booked them much earlier but that is just how my wife and I work. We can’t be bothered so much and we always just do things at the last moment. Another problem presented itself today when we called the hotel for a room and we got told there was no room. At least that is not such a big problem because we just booked another hotel online this afternoon. Instead of the train we will go back by airplane on Wednesday morning. It is not a direct flight anymore so we stop somewhere else first but it will take about 2 hours to get to Bangkok including the stop in between. Of course going by plane will add to the cost of the holiday but what can you do? Both of us think we kept waiting this long on purpose so we had no choice but to go by airplane. On Thursday afternoon at 12:30pm we will fly back to Holland which will be the end of our holiday. I can’t think of anything worse than our holiday ending and going back home. Oh yes I can, going back to work next week Monday.

Decision time tomorrow on whether the board will got or not. I think I would to be really nice to my wife tomorrow and even longer. I am sure it would cost me something if it goes with us. We will find out tomorrow.