I really wanted to bring the Phreeboard back with me to Holland so I could set it up and get acquainted with MorphOS yet again. Which is exactly what I did and now it is here with me in Holland. I am really happy I brought it with me. Since I was unable to test it in Thailand I don’t know if it still works. I just have the board and CPU module so I would require some additional components. I know for sure that the GFX card and memory from my A1SE work with this board. I used them before in the past when I was using the board. But since I want to run both systems I would require to source some extra components. I might use the components from the A1SE quickly to test if the board still works.

I will report about my progress of getting it all back together here on my blog. Besides the needed components I will also catch up with all the new things related to MorphOS. And the best site for that is MorphZone. I already looked and asked there for information (if the new MorphOS will work on the Phreeboard) and the response was very good. It even got me more excited to get it all back up and running.