My second week of work after the holiday has already ended and suddenly the lack of time is back. I was unable to release a column last week due to not having enough time. The bit of time I did have I used to write for my The Bucket Programming Corner section. I should be able to publish the first tutorial (introduction) this weekend. I still need to test my Pegasos Phreeboard to see if it still works. I got this planned for this weekend. No excuses just get it done attitude is what I need for this. I will borrow the A1SE components for this so that I can confirm it still works. If it does I can go hunting for the components needed to get my Pegasos Phreeboard running again.

Lately I read a lot about the NatAmi project. I recommend reading “Natami: The Testing of the MX Board” at Oldschoolgameblog. I could not help thinking how Amos might get a second life so to speak on the NatAmi. It certainly would be my choice to play with Amos on the NatAmi if I had such a board of course. If they could get the price to be really attractive (read cheap) I am sure demand would surpass supply. My guess is that the price would be between the 500 and 1000 Euro.

It took a good 4 months but finally ART episode 49 – That Windows Guy has been released. Paul Thurrott was the guest on the show. I just hope the next episode will not take that long like this one to be released. I loved the show and it was great to hear Paul Thurrott talk about his Amiga experience. Rich Lawrence comments on the episode at the Amiga Roundtable section of the AmiZed Studios website. Would be nice to see some NatAmi attention on the show in the form of having some key people of the project on the show.

For the last two weeks or so I visit MorphZone frequent. I am trying to brush up my MorphOS knowledge since I missed out on a lot after being away for such a long time. What I really love is that you can test the latest MorphOS version before buying it. It will slow down after 30 minutes until you reboot. This will give you the opportunity to test it before you purchase it. The cost for MorphOS is 111.11 Euros. If my Phreeboard works I would purchase the latest MorphOS first before I would go for Os4.1 or higher.

A bit of a short column for this week but I will compensate it with one or two articles that I will release this weekend.