Finally I started to have a go at testing out my Pegasos Phreeboard last Saturday (14-5-2011) after bringing it back from Thailand. I still had the components I used with the board in the past. They reside in my A1SE so they are known to work. After connecting all the components I had no display after switching it on. I tried a different graphics card, memory and even a cmos battery. Till now I tried it all but I just can’t get a display. I even hooked it up with a different machine to get a serial debug output but I don’t get any output on the other machine. This could be due to the serial cable as I found it somewhere in a left over bag.

Unpacking the Pegasos Phreeboard (part 1)

Unpacking the Pegasos Phreeboard (part 2)

Unpacking the Pegasos Phreeboard (part 3)

Testing my Pegasos Phreeboard but so far no luck with getting a display

I might pick up a new serial cable to see if I still can get a output to determine the cause of the problem. I certainly will give it some more time to see if I can get it working. If I would be unable to get it to work I would not just leave it as it as. I will have a look into some new hardware so I can run MorphOS. Fingers crossed….