One of the perks of the new house was having my own computer room. My very own geek room and off limits for any girly stuff. My computer room in the other house had pink flower wall paper. Courtesy of my wife the decorator. I should have known something was up when my wife just needed to store some knitting stuff for just a short while. I should have been more suspicious when I wanted to buy a laptop and my wife made no objection and even encouraged it. Now I know why since I have a laptop I can sit anywhere in the house and work and don’t really need to be in my computer room. Being the darling she is I don’t have to move out right now and I can still use it and leave my stuff there for a month or so before it is turned into her hobby room. It was fun while it lasted. So now I am on the look for a new place. I was planning on taking one of the rooms upstairs but they don’t really appeal to me to be used as a geek room. But I have found the perfect place for my new geek room. I am going to create a geek room in the garage and it is going to be wonderful. The car can fit in the first part and the last part will be used for the room. A wall is separating the room from the first part and it will have a door that (very important) can be locked. It is going to be my office, relax room, geek room and so much more.

All kidding aside, I am really looking forward to getting the “office” ready. The current computer room is nothing compared to this one. There is really not much space but the new one will have plenty of space. I can actually line up all my classic Amiga’s next to each other and even have a workbench for testing equipment or building systems. I hope to have it done soon but with all the work still left in the house and some other commitments it could take some time before it is ready. At least I am motivated to get it done as soon as possible. I do fear that once it is done my wife would want to have this room since it would look really great. That’s (married) life. 🙂

On a more technical note I still did not manage to get my Pegasos Phreeboard to work. I will give it a few more tries and if it still fails I will put it on hold for just a short time till I get my computer room done so I can do some more extensive testing. I need the components so I can run my A1SE again so I can do some programming. I did say it before already but if I can’t get it working I will get some new hardware so I can run MorphOS.