Fear is the word that came to mind after I decided to put my components back in my A1SE after using them for testing my Pegasos Phreeboard. After putting the graphics card, memory and cmos battery back I flipped the power switch to see there was no display. Putting a positive spin on it I thought that if it fails in my A1SE my Pegasos might not be faulty because it would be one of the components. Or a negative spine in which my A1SE would be faulty. The horror! Being short on time as always I had to leave it for the moment. At the next try I decided to unplug the power from the hard drive and also the optical drive. At the first boot I had a display. Since I also had the cmos battery removed it will be a matter of getting all the settings back in and I should be up and running. I really want it to be up and running again so I can start writing the next article for my Bucket programming section.

Another to do item on my list was to try out Icaros Desktop. I tried installing it on my Compaq Presario but during the installation it stopped with an unknown error related to the hard drive. I also had these issues when I tried installing Haiku. This time I decided to tweak the hard drive settings in the bios and finally I got the correct settings so it installed. But after the installation the grub boot loader failed to load it. After some searching on the Icaros Desktop forums I found out that this is a know issue when you just have one partition. So after settings up to partitions it finally booted Icaros Desktop. My sound card is not supported (not 100% sure but I think not) and also not my LAN network card. But none the less it is a good experience to run it and get a good feel of it. I think that I will set up a desktop machine with the supported components later this year to get a better experience.

The idea was that I would write more articles for my site over the last couple of weeks. But the more I tried to do it the worse it got in not getting anything done at all. This week I only worked 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday) so with having some days off I managed to get (finally) a new Bucket Weekly out. Actually I should be doing the dishes at this right moment but I have not been “detected” by the missus yet so I will just keep going and get it published. Today I will get my A1SE all back together and running again. Seeing as I did not have it running for some time there must be some new software releases I can try out. I also have a new subject for my site for which I have enough material to get at least a few articles done. But first I get to do the dishes as I got “detected”.