Produced in the early 90’s by Datel this piece of hardware is one, if not the, of my favourite hardware add-ons for the Amiga. A co-worker of my dad was also into Amiga’s and informed me about this piece of hardware and let me borrow his Action Replay. For some reason (why mention you still have some kick-ass hardware from them?) it was never returned so I still have it as you can see from the pictures below. Two days after I got it from the attic and started to write about it here I was at my dad’s place. Strangely enough (we had the Super Nintendo on playing Super R-Type and I was looking for a cheat) he brought up the Action Replay including the bit that we borrowed it. How strange is that?

                           My Action Replay

I still have the Action Replay manual somewhere. It should be at my parents place. Next time I will bring it back and scan it. Maybe some people might want to have this.

One game for which the Action Replay was really useful was License to Kill. In a nutshell you go in to the menu of the Action Replay and provide the amount of lives you have left and leave the menu and back in the game you loose a life. Going back in the menu you provide the current amount of lives you have left and the system will locate the correct address holding this value. You can change it to 99 for example to have 99 lives. If for some reason you loose them all you can go back in the menu and change it to more.

Later this year I will set-up my Amiga 500 again and the Action Replay will have to prove itself again. Just like old times.