The weekend is always the time to catch up with the Amiga news from the past week. One news item that stood out was the AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3 posted on the Hyperion Entertainment Blog. Currently work is being done on the update and it will be released as a free update for registered Hyperion customers. What caught my eye was that the new update should work for the AmigaOne-SE and MicroA1-C Mark 2 but this will not be tested. Surely this can be tested? If none of the beta testers have such a board they could ask some users that have such a board to help out with testing. Right? Or does this signal the end of support for boards like the AmigaOne-SE and MicroA1-C Mark 2? It does worry me and I hope Hyperion will shed some light on this.

Doing my usual round of Amiga news sites I noticed that cannot be accessed. This seems to be already on going for a couple of days. Maybe I drop by the chat room later today to get some more news on this. Currently I am also working on a new article for the Amiga in the Attic section. This should be published this weekend. It has to do with storage and for the real Amiga fanatics a trip back to memory lane. At this moment I already have enough material / ideas for several upcoming articles. Besides this I am also working on the next article for the The Bucket Programming Corner section. I have the example code ready and it just needs to be proof checked. I think I will do this first topic in two or even more parts since it might take too long if I put it all in one article. Time to start writing.