After reading The Hunt for the CRT on oldSchoolGameBlog I had to add the 1084 monitor I have to the “Amiga in the Attic” section. It was bought together with the Amiga 500 by my parents. That was 21 years ago and still today it is working just fine. Yes people I really mean 21 years. It has become a part of my childhood.Β I am pretty sure I still have the box somewhere at my parents place. Next time I am there I will have a look for it. What more can you say about the 1084 besides a lot of admiration. Enjoy the pictures!

Front of the 1084 monitor

Back of the 1084 monitor

Ports on the back of the 1084 monitor

Technical specs on the back of the 1084 monitor

Front page schematics 1084 monitor

Back page schematics 1084 monitor

Front cover manual 1084 monitor

Monitor specs in manual