What I set out to do this week I actually did. Both articles Libraries (part1) and 1084 got posted. I might actually start working on Libraries part 2 this weekend. At least it was a very productive week which I hope to continue in the week to come.

This week I came across some really interesting programming information about Amiga ReAction. Trixie created two articles namely Recommended Practice in OS4 ReAction Programming and ReAction, AppWindows and AppMessages over at OS4Coding. He explains how to use ReAction the proper way and not the wrong way. Seems I did it the wrong way. Not only is it useful on how to use ReAction the correct way but it also explains in a very easy to understand way how to program with ReAction. If I had access to this information some time ago it would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation to get started with ReAction. These two articles got me fired up again to get more active again with programming.

There was another update on AmigaOS 4.1 Update 3. According to Steven Solie it is nearing completion. In the previous update they did say it should work on the  AmigaOne-SE and MicroA1-C Mark 2 but they would not test it. In one of my previous columns I talked about that if this would be the sign of dropping support for these boards. It would not be difficult to find people with these boards that are willing to do some testing. The early adopters should not be forgotten.

Due to the very limited time I have I have put any large projects on hold for the time being. At the moment I am looking into doing a small project that would not take me more than a couple months. With a couple of months I mean tops three months. Maybe I will start dabbling with some code till it hits me what I should create as a small program / utility.