It was time to use my A1SE and OS4.0 on a more regular basis so that is exactly what I did. Trying out some utilities and demos I had a really great time. With the weather getting colder nothing beats using your Amiga’s. Currently I am trying some stuff out that might be used for my next article for the The Bucket Programming Corner section.

Suddenly I get a “Please insert volume CONSOLE: in any drive” error at random times. Not really sure what is causing this. At first I thought it could be AmiSystemRestore since I installed this recently but even when this is not running it still shows this error. The problem is that once this comes up the system will freeze up and I will have to restart the machine. I will do some more investigation in to this.

Console error

Earlier this week I tried out the new NetSurf 2.8 version. I like the download window so that I can see the download status of a file. I normally fire up OWB when browsing but since I installed NetSurf 2.8 I fire this puppy up when browsing the net. I am really starting to like it more each day I use it. Probably I only touched the surface of it and there is a lot more to discover.

NetSurf 2.8 download window

For the last couple of weeks I am thinking about what my next project should me. I need something that would not take ages (I have very limited time so even the most simple projects would take ages) but can be done in a fair amount of time. I keep coming back to my already attempted file manager project. I kind of had it binned due to the ReAction issues I came across. After reading Trixie’s articles about ReAction over at I am going to give it another try. Since his articles show how it is suppose to be done, and showing what I did was wrong, I feel a new burst of energy to give it another try. Here’s to happy coding!