One of the “forgotten” heroes of the latest Amiga history is without any doubt Alan Redhouse. Maybe not to some but certainly to me. Without Alan I would not be able to use my AmigaOne SE together with Amiga OS4.x. Being manager at Eyetech Group Ltd, of Stokesley, U.K. he truly kept the Amiga as we know it today alive. While Amiga Inc. focussed on their AmigaDE concept Eyetech and Hyperion set out to create hardware and software that would morph the classic line into the new future. This was presented by Amiga Inc. as something that would eventually morph into AmigaDE. How obvious it all is now looking back that Amiga OS4.x and the PPC hardware from Eyetech (continued by new companies now) would be the golden combination and that AmigaDE would be nothing but a bad memory.

Alan Redhouse

Picture from Amiga History

I had the pleasure to see Alan speak in public at the Amiga Benelux Show 2001 (Rotterdam – Holland) about the new AmigaOne. What a great day that was. Together with my dad we made the trip and had a wonderful time.

Alan Redhouse at the Amiga Benelux Show 2001

My dad (in the middle with the white shirt) at the Amiga Benelux Show 2001

Pictures from Obligement

Everyone remembers the clashes on the forums about the AmigaOne and the Pegasos. I am not talking about normal discussions but deep rooted hate against each other. The fact is that this has always been the case after Commodore fell apart and the rise of the internet. Even today battles are being fought out on the forums. Enough said about that. I have to admit the A1SE is a bit buggy but it does the job for me. Most of the crashes I contribute to the Pre-release version of OS4 I am running. Also I install a lot of software that might have problems with the Pre-release version or are in fact buggy themselves. I think I will make the switch when OS4.2 is released. That would be the time for me to upgrade my OS4 and hopefully have a more stable environment.

According to Ben Hermans from Hyperion Entertainment Alan is currently retired and lives in France. I really hope Alan looks back at the whole AmigaOne episode as something great and that there are still people out there that have not forgotten about him nor all his work he has done for the Amiga community. Without Alan we would not have had today’s thriving Amiga scene. Alan is a true hero in my book. Thanks and cheers Alan.