I was thinking about calling it the Bucket Monthly instead of the Bucket Weekly. Just kidding of course. Lately most of my time went in to the next article for The Bucket Programming Corner. I am pushing for a release this weekend. Besides that I am about to start on my next programming project. I thought it would be a good idea to also write about the progress of it here on my blog. Not just writing about the status but also dig a bit into the concepts and show some code with explanations.

This weekend is really exciting since AmiWest 2011 is happening. Usually good for some new exciting news and announcements. At the time of writing we have the below news items already.

– First Contact : AmigaOne X1000 Limited Edition
– Hyperion launches official AmigaOS website

For the X1000 limited edition the prices start from: ยฃ1699, USD $2682.56 (excluding AmigaOS4 license, shipping, handling and sales tax). That is a bit on the pricey side to say the least. It would be around the 2000 Euro and on top of that you will have the OS4 license,ย shipping, handling and sales tax. The hardware specifications: “The First Contact system includes the official AmigaOne X1000 Boing Ball case in either black or white and includes the Nemo rev 2.1 motherboard complete with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, a Radeon HD4650 graphics card, 500GB HDD,DVR R/W optical drive, Audio & Ethernet cards.” The price of it will certainly make it a dream only, including me, for a lot of Amiga fans. It is a fact that Amiga hardware will be more expensive compared to other PC hardware. But don’t forget we have cheaper hardware as well. Surely we will see some heated discussions about the price of the hardware.

I really love the new AmigaOS site that was launched by Hyperion. This was really needed especially for new people on the block or long lost Amiga fans having a peek at what we are doing now.

There was also some news about OS4.1 and Timberwolf earlier this week. You can read some more about this over at OldSchoolGameBlog. For updates on AmiWest you should visit theย AmiWest Weblog.