Did you also enjoy AmiWest 2011 as much as I did? Nothing like I expected it would be. I still have to watch all the videos from the show. I know they are already online but I prefer to download it. From all the announcements on the show there is one that grabbed everyone’s attention and came as a big surprise; new hardware in the form of a OS4 netbook.

AmigaOne Netbook (www.amigax.com)

The release is scheduled for mid-2012 with a price target ofย $300-$500 which includes the AmigaOS 4.1 license. I love the idea of being able to program anywhere in the house or even on the road instead of being confined to one place. This netbook is certainly something I would go for and with that price target it is entering the more affordable area.ย For more info on AmiWest 2011 jump over to OldSchoolGameBlog.

My plan of spending more time on my Amiga stuff is starting to work. The past week I did some substantial work and I am planning to do more and more. Most of my work is being done on my new project the file manager. My plan is also to write about this to give some insight in to creating such a utility. I should have the first article up in the next couple of days. I will also include example code to show how things are being done.