I did manage to locate the bug that made my code crash. If you remember my previous posting you know how much that bug haunted me. The declaration “Object *winObj” was the one that caused it. By changing it to  “Object *winObj = NULL” I solved it. If you follow The Bucket Programming Corner you might remember me talking about setting pointers to NULL. I see a lot of ReAction examples which do not set this to NULL. Since it solved it for me and I can’t find any other info on this I will just leave the statement as it is.

Home free right? Not exactly. After solving this one I ran into another one that seems to be even worse. My window displays but when I click to close it nothing happens. After running some tests it seems the code never reaches the part that checks if the window needs to be closed. After staring at it till my eyes hurt and compare it to several examples I still have not found the bug and I decided I need some outside help. So I posted my problem over at OS4Coding for some outside help. Let’s hope I find it soon so I can continue.