I consider it a Christmas gift. What I am taking about? I am talking about RetroGaming Radio. It went of the air in 2008 and till that time it was my favourite radio show I listened to. I don’t even remember how I came across it at the time. I started to listen to it when I was still in Thailand and (of course) continued to do so when I moved to Holland in 2005 till it stopped in 2008. I kept checking the site during that time but never any news of a return. Till this week when I happen to come across a posting on the Facebook page of MaximumRD’s Classic Gaming and Computing in which Rob Daviau was referring to RetroGaming Radio. He pointed out to me that the show was back an so far four new episodes (starting from August) have been released. I can’t wait to start listening to them.

Shane R. Monroe

Those new episodes are going to make the holidays even more fun. If you never heard of the show I urge you to start listening to it. There is a huge archive to check out. Shane (the host) does a great job with the shows. Check it out!