The first Bucket Weekly Christmas edition has arrived. I am actually putting it together on Christmas Eve. I suffered a bad cold this week and I am still sort of recovering from it. Sadly that meant I could not do much Amiga work this week. Hence the reason I am writing this column on Christmas Eve. Sitting next to the Christmas tree writing it makes if feel sort of magical.

A nice surprise was the release of Update 4 for Amiga OS4.1 this week.

The following new functionality and bug fixes are included in Update 4:

  • Introducing the new Emulation drawer with official AmigaOS 3.x ROMs and Workbench files. AmigaOS ROMs are provided for all classic Amiga models and the CD32 platform.
  • Added RunInUAE contribution to utilize the new Emulation drawer.
  • New scsi.device patch for Classic installations which enables internal IDE drives to be used for memory paging (SWAP).
  • Added NoDriveClick utility for Classic users.
  • Added DefIcons support for RunInUAE.
  • Updated TCP/IP stack with much improved DHCP support.
  • Updated MUI with various fixes.
  • Various Workbench fixes.
  • Fixed several USB issues.
  • Fixed elf.library that could cause programs using shared objects to misbehave when unloading (e.g. Timberwolf).

I am sure we will see some reviews popping up in the next couple of days. I certainly like the adding of the Amiga 3.x ROMs and Workbench files together with RunInUAE. Reading all this makes me really wish I had Amiga OS4.1 so I could enjoy all this. Especially with the holidays at the doorstep.

Thanks to my pal over at Old School Game Blog for his Christmas greetings. Below are some Christmas greetings from The Bucket Diary to you mate. And of course to everyone else as well. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from The Bucket Diary