With the end of the year approaching you are reading the last Bucket Weekly of 2011. It is that time of the year we always look forward and say to ourselves that this year is going to be the year you will do it all. My plan is to get more content on the blog. I would love to create more articles for The Bucket Programming Corner. Another idea I am toying with is audio segments. I am looking into the idea of doing a weekly Amiga news round-up. Personally I would love to see a weekly radio show that does a news round-up of that week. Since it is very unlikely we will see something like this any time soon or in the future I am thinking of maybe doing this myself. This is certainly high, if not topping it, on my to do list for 2012.

AmigaOne Netbook (www.amigax.com)

The year 2012 will be all about the new Amiga netbook that is scheduled to be released. This has everyone really excited. Not only is it portable but also affordable. How’s that for a slogan? I hope sooner but I am guessing it will be towards the end of 2012 that we will see a release. The most important thing is that it will be there and we finally can have access to affordable hardware.

If you haven’t already I suggest you listen to the latest episode of Amiga Roundtable called ART Episode 52 – Rogue for The Holidays. It contains two sets of interviews with Rogue (Hans-Joerg Frieden) from Hyperion. While you are over there you might want to check out Amiga.org Owner to Take Questions from the Amiga Community on ART. That is all for 2012 folks! Happy new year Amigans!