Finally I managed to fix the crashing issue when another issue surfaced.

After solving this one I ran into another one that seems to be even worse. My window displays but when I click to close it nothing happens.

After spending a lot of time on it and not getting really any further I decided to move back to my previous “older” code. I was following Trixie’s article over at regarding the proper way of programming with ReAction. One of part of the proper way of using ReAction was:

Instead of using OpenLibrary() to open ReAction Classes we should use OpenClass() to open the ReAction Classes. Besides returning the class library base (which we store in WindowBase) it will also return something called the class pointer.

Instead of using the OpenClass() function I am now (again) using OpenLibrary() and GetInterface() to open ReAction Classes. You might remember that in a previous article I was talking about how can you check if the class pointer is also being opened when you use the OpenClass() function.

My question about this is that when we check if we opened the Window class do we also need to check if we got the pointer and if so how? Or can we assume that if we succeed in opening the Window class we also have successfully got the class pointer?

Maybe it did not really open (class pointer) which is the reason my code for closing the window is not working. Besides this part there is another part for which I switched back to my “older” code. Don’t use RA_OpenWindow()  to open a window but instead use  WM_OPEN which would look something like this:

window = (struct Window *)IIntuition->IDoMethod(objects[OID_WINDOW], WM_OPEN, NULL);

I moved back to using RA_OpenWindow() which would look something like this:

window = RA_OpenWindow (winobj);

Just ignore all the parts of the code it is just for reference. The third and last part I moved away from is WM_HANDLEINPUT. This is part of the code that will loop (keeping our window open till we do something like clicking something) and would look like something like this:

while ( (result = IIntuition->IDoMethod(winObj, WM_HANDLEINPUT, &code)) != WMHI_LASTMSG )


I moved back to using the RA_HandleInput() macro which would look something like this:

while ( (result = RA_HandleInput(winObj, &code)))


As a result my code works now and clicking on the close button actually closes my window. I could not keep spending time on this issue so I had to move back in order for my code to work and move on. At a later stage I might do some further testing so that eventually I can move back. If you go through the ReAction examples for OS4 you do get rather confused since every example seems to differ from the other. But since I now got it to work I am moving on to the next part which is the layout. At first I want to start with having buttons on top of the window. See example screenshot below which is from the utility Filer from Bjorn Hagstrom.

Filer 53.27 from Bjorn Hagstrom

I will discuss the layout and buttons in the next article. Till next time!