I have been on the search for a certain demo for a long time already. I wrote about it some time ago which was titled Searching for Number 5. I was thinking about it again and I thought I would do another search on Google with “amiga jas demo” and the first search result resulted in hitting the jackpot. I was directed to BitWorld and when I saw that screenshot I knew I found it. The name of the demo is “Jas’ First Real Demo”  (and on the compilation disk #2 “A new decade”) and (I was right about the name) Jas is a member of the group Empire. I am happy there is a download link as well to a compilation disc called (surprise) COMPILATIONDISK #2 from Istvan from Empire.

Jas from Empire

Mantronix from Emipre


The car!

I am really happy I finally found it. Besides the name of the demo and that it was Jas I also know he belonged to Empire who are from Sweden. I would love to hear from people that have more info about Jas or Empire. Back to watching the demo!