I know you are thinking what is he on about this time? Why bring Mr. Miyagi in to this? Remember Daniel question having to do these chores? Why waste his time on this while he wanted to learn karate? If you are like me you must have wondered at some stage if you would ever get to be any better at programming. Sure after trying really hard we understand all these small examples of source code but how would that ever turn us in to real programmers? Understanding and manage to open a window is nice but how would that ever make me create a full blown program? The beauty of it is that you can and will. Why? Because at some stage you understand that all those small examples made you realize you understand how it all works. All those small examples gave you a complete understanding on how you program. Let me give you a small example. You come across some source code plus information on a subject you never dealt with and you might not understand that new subject yet you do understand the source code. You understand what the source code is doing and at that moment you realize you actually have learned the art of programming. I call this the “Wax On, Wax Off” moment. Of course you still have a lot to learn but you have made a major break through.

One of the next big moments is that you actually will come up with your own routine(s). You want to do something and you start thinking what if I would do it like this? These are great moments because you finally have moved beyond the simple example stuff in to the big league. Mark my words when I say you will get there. Happy coding!