Predator Title Screen

Predator is a game I never played back in the day. Seeing the screenshots at Hall Of Light I got intrigued. I admit the graphics are not of great quality but it looks like my kind of game. Walking around in the jungle with a gun and shoot your enemy is the type of game for me. After the helicopter dropped me off I start to move and shoot the enemy. After a short while you notice it is rather all the same when you move further in to to the jungle. But hey this is just Level 1 and the game has a total of 4 levels so let’s get Level 1 done first so we can have a crack at level 2. It turns out Level 1 is really all the same. You come across some enemies and shoot them but that is about it. Sadly Level 2, 3 and 4 are also the same. It is really just walking to the right and shoot enemies in all four levels.

Predator Level 1 - Helicopter Drop

Predator Level 1 - Under Attack

I ended up being really disappointed about the game. This is a one time play for me. There is not much else to say about the game. It starts really promising but soon you realize you are going to have to do the same stuff for four levels.

Predator Level 4

Below you can see some ratings from various magazines from Hall of Light.

Predator reviews - Hall of Light

So what is the rating from The Bucket Diary? It did excite me and made me want to play it just by seeing some images of the game but that is it. Maybe because I really love the film I thought I might actually be able to do exactly that what I saw in the film. But besides the name and that you are shooting in a jungle the game has nothing in common with the film. Let me know what you think about the game and if you agree/disagree with the rating.

The Bucket Diary gives it a rating of 8%.