Back to the Future Part II – Title Screen

Unfortunately I still did not get Back to the Future II to run on either my A1200 or A600. I guess my best bet would be a Kickstart replacement utility on my A600. Sadly my 1084 monitor died otherwise I would have used my A500 who for sure will run this game.

The Running Man – Title screen

I remember how desperately I wanted to play The Running Man after seeing the movie. Sadly the second disk had a read/write error. I am pretty sure you don’t even get to start playing without inserting the second disk first. I am thinking of giving this game a try soon to see if I missed out or that the read/write error on the second disk was a blessing.

The Running Man – It’s showtime!!

I remember this quote from the movie. Richard Dawson (playing Damon Killian) died not so long ago.

FileZilla Server

In my previous column I talked about NCFTP which I started to use since with only 2 megabyte of memory I was unable to run AmiFTP. It is working really great and it is actually a lot of fun working from the CLI. I use FileZilla Server on my laptop to provide a FTP connection to my A1200.


Behind me is a desk with a spare desktop ready to be used for Aros. I am really excited to start playing around with Aros. I am going to use the Icaros Desktop which I briefly tested before. I really want to try Aros to the fullest. One area I am really interested in is the emulation. I am curious if and how I run old games and software. Plenty of stuff to write about if you ask me. Time to get started with Aros.