About time! Aros has been around for some time already and I never really gave it a try. Sure I tried the Linux hosted version a few times and I had Icaros installed on one of my old laptops and booted it a couple of times but that cannot be called giving it a try. Finally I have a spare unit left I can use for Aros. It was my main machine running Linux but it started acting strange so I bought a new laptop to replace it. The issue it had is that suddenly it refuses  to boot but after I had the new laptop I started to look a bit more in to it. I thought it was the IDE port and when I disconnected the optical DVD drive and plugged the HD in port 2 it booted again. I still believed it to be to unstable to be my main machine but it was the perfect candidate for Aros.


I decided to try Icaros since it seems to be the most complete package and I liked it from before when I installed it on a laptop. With the HD in IDE port 2 I plugged the optical DVD drive on the same cable as the HD and after playing around wit the jumper settings it detected the optical DVD drive. But during the booting of the Icaros DVD it gave me the same errors as with the Linux installation I had running before. This led me to believe that the optical DVD drive is faulty. I managed to source 3 DVD drives so I will know soon if it was really the drive. I am a bit worried about the system I am using as I am sure it will give me some problems during the installation. At least I am giving it a try. I will keep blogging about my experiences with getting Aros up and running.