I was really excited for the weekend to start. Not only will it be a long weekend (a free day on Monday) but I will also have time to play with Aros. At the moment (time of writing) I have about half a weekend left. It is almost (Sunday) 2:00am  in the morning and that’s all thanks to Aros. I won’t stay up that long anymore but just do a bit (is it not always just a bit more?) more of testing before I go to bed. Currently I am burning Icaros again on a DVD and once it is done install it again. That will give me some time in between to do some writing. I got a new Aros section in which you will find my writings about my Aros experience. I have done a lot with Aros this weekend already. I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. Finally I had a spare desktop left to try it on and the more I use it the more I get excited about it. I still need to install Update 5 for OS4.1 but you know what I really have not given it much thought. All I can think about is getting Icaros installed and test it.

Two areas I am really interested in is emulation (especially games) and developing. For both I have no clue how it works which is kind of interesting. I hope it plays the old Amiga games very good and will support a USB joystick. I would really like to start developing for Aros so I am sure I am going to have a lot of fun with it. I know my current setup might not be good enough to run Aros but it will do for testing and I can always move to better hardware.

It seems Aros has made me very productive since I have written already 3 (not including this column) articles this weekend. Better yet there is still a lot more to come. The coming time I will dive into programming for Aros and even write some articles.


Worth wile mentioning is the release of episode 31 of BoingsWorld. I still need to listen to it but it will be (as always) a treat. It seems they always have it released at the exact given date. That is so not Amiga. 🙂

If you are wondering, I stayed up till about 4:15am and even at that time I had to force myself to stop.