Competition Pro USB

I just could not wait any longer so I ordered the Competition Pro USB. I really want to play games on my Aros setup and for me the classic joystick like the Competition Pro USB is the best. This kind of joystick is just the best that is out there. I can’t wait till it is here so I can try it out.

Arachnophobia on Aros

It took me a bit of tweaking with Janus-UAE but finally I got Arachnophobia to start. I really wanted it to work so I could do a review about it but once I had it running I realized the game is the same all the time. You go in houses and kill spiders over and over again. I saw part of the movie again last week so I got excited to play the game. Sadly, well besides killing spiders, it has no relation to the movie at all. It could have been so great if they followed the story of the movie.

This weekend I will start with checking out programming on Aros in C. Try out a few examples to see how it all works. I think I will also start doing some tutorials soon. A small update on my Competition Pro USB order. A week has passed already since I ordered it and still nothing. Sadly the shop does not respond to my e-mails. I got this feeling it will never arrive. That leaves me with getting my money back for the order. If I don’t get a reply to my e-mails the coming week or the actual product I will have my bank transfer the money back into my account. Time to enjoy what is left (it is Saturday evening when I am writing this) of the weekend.